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Outstanding tree and forest photos from across Nova Scotia.

And contributing to efforts to help keep it that way.

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Nova Scotia has some amazing trees and forested land.

But there's some invasive species moving in that could cause serious problems.

What to do? Using the adage "You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar" I came up with the idea for a 2019 calendar that featured outstanding tree and forest photos from across Nova Scotia. As part of the calendar, there would be a gentle message about how you could help prevent the spread of invasive pests. So your children and grandchildren can enjoy the beauty you are looking at every month. The generous folk at Awesome South Shore liked my idea and gave me $1000 to help bring it to life. Here's the plan...

  • Photo contest - Complete
  • Calendars For Sale - Available NOW!
  • All proceeds are donated to the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute for work to prevent the spread of invasive pests in our forests

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